It took 30 years to write this book …but it’s finally here! 

The perfect stocking-stuffer (and/or bathroom reader):  THE WEATHER COULD BE VERSE by “weather poet” Gary Sieber!
Supplies are limited!  Get it while you can!
There's a lot more to Gary Sieber than rhyming words on a TV screen.  Best known channeling his inner Ogden Nash, Nipsey Russell, Dr. Seuss, and Charles Osgood on Saturday mornings, Gary co-anchors First News Saturday Morning and fills in occasionally for his First Alert Weather colleagues on WNDU-TV.  His weather poetry has become a local landmark for many viewers, something akin to those old Burma-Shave rhyming signposts along the highway (for those old enough to remember them! Here is Gary at his best!
There once was a Stanford Band,
Whose halftime show got out of hand,
They thought it quite stylish to slander the Irish,
And now they’re the Stanford banned.
The circumference of a cephalopod,
Is easy to come by,
It’s 8 times 3.14159…
In other words…Octo-pi.
I once tried shaping clay on a wheel,
By using mud and water,
I asked my wife, “Hey, isn’t this magic?”
She said, “No… but you ARE a hairy potter.”

100% of the sale proceeds of The Weather Could Be Verse  go to the support of The Acting Ensemble, a small community theater in Mishawaka, Indiana.

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